Dr. Ross Wetsel

Dr. Ross WetslDr. Ross Wetsel spent two years as a dental officer at Stead Air Force Base, Reno, Nevada and started a private dental practice in Reno, Nevada in 1966. 

In 1974, Dr. Wetsel became an owner/partner in the dental building at 3575 Grant Drive, Reno, Nevada.  He founded the dental group known as Grant/Moana Dental Offices at 3575 Grant Drive in 1989.

Dr. Wetsel founded Grant/Moana Management Systems in 1989, which provides training and supervision for the managers, assistants, receptionists and hygienists who work as an organized team to support the high level of care provided by the doctors at Grant/Moana Dental Offices.

"I am not interested in retirement and continue practicing all phases of adult dentistry.  I am proud to have been part of what Grant/Moana Dental Offices has become over the years and what a valuable contribution it has made to the dental care of our community.


Graduated College 1959

Graduated Baylor Dental College, Dallas Texas, 1963

Professional Memberships

Lifetime member of The American Dental Association. 

Served as a member of the Nevada Dental Association’s Peer Review Committee.